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Through altered realisms, I map visual arguments in an attempt to create new perspectives, open eyes to untold stories and combat distorted truths. In a sense, art is the debate of my internal compass with the world around me. Mainstream pulpits have pre-defined ideals, norms and perspectives that contradict the opportunity of the individual. But through my roots in visual documentation and simple human inquisition, I work to fuse mediums and materials in order to develop and encourage communicative expansion. I reinvestigate facts and artifacts in order to mold them into visual dialogues, furthering that inquisition. It is through these investigations, thoughts ensue and questions surface.

My process hinges heavily on the application of consciousness. By seeing, walking with or listening to the fringes and frays of my environment, I learn visually and emotionally. Applying this practice to the simplest of things leads me to greater visual comprehension and heightened expressive perspective. I act as a collaborative messenger, using my skills as a storyteller in a more subjective and aggressive manner.


In the portrait series Oil of Horizon, I investigated the harsh realities Gulf Coast residents have experienced since the 2010 BP Oil Spill. Contextual portraits were captured and printed. I then mixed oil produced by BP with gesso and applied it to the prints. The distressing process, depending on the means of application, never allowed the oil to completely dry. Thus some prints have continued to evolve, just as the true effects of the spill are yet to be determined. Many of these subjects continue to feel these effects on their daily lives.


Soundbooth was a venture between my affinity for music and an interest in creating a visual catalogue of local musicians. I constructed a photo booth and invited musicians for a session, where I both posed and left them to their own devices. The resulting images were mirror-like portrayals of the local characters, which I printed as oversized photo transfers. Through the transfer process another layer of character surfaced within the subject matter. For more Soundbooth prints, visit


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